NEARKII Car Spare Tire Cover - The best of both Worlds

Long gone are the days of Continental Kits, but rear-mounted external tires are still a much-wanted accessory amongst RV and Jeep users. While uncovered tires do add a rugged and sporty look to your Car, they are not preferable. Tire Covers are the new sexy, and you are at the right place to get one.

Why do you need a Tire Cover? 

There are just too many reasons to have a tire cover. 

  • Protection: If there’s anything more damaging to tires than sunlight, we haven’t heard of it yet. Exposing your spare tire to UV light for a long time will end up damaging it. And when the day comes to use it - it’ll be more of a nightmare than help.
  • Security: Tires are expensive. Especially Jeep and RV Tires. You don’t want to go off buying a new tire because the last one ended up stolen. While rigid covers with locking mechanisms are the best solutions, soft covers with cable ties do the job very well. Tire covers are a small investment that can reap big results.

Why NEARKII Tire Covers are the best. 

Of all the Tire Covers you can buy on the market, NEARKII Tire covers offer you the best value. They are made from high-grade PVC - ensuring that wear and tear, UV light, or unfavorable weather do not harm them. Moreover, our tire covers are weather and water-resistant - You won’t have to worry about parking your vehicle oiut in the open in a thunderstorm.

You must be thinking, Tire Covers this good must be hard and rough. On the contrary, NEARKII spare tire covers are the softest and smoothest on the market - making them more easier to clean than washable leather.

When it comes to Jeep or RV accessories, installation can be a hassle. This, however, is not the case with NEARKII tire covers. An easy to follow step-by-step guide allows you to install the tire covers without any helping hands. 

Our Tire cover collection covers all the commonly used wheel sizes from 14 inches to 19 inches with some added flexibility to fit your tire perfectly. Further, we have tire covers in all kinds of designs, from funny halloween to cute minions.

In a nutshell, NEARKII tire covers offer the best of both worlds - excellent quality and eye-catching art.

Choose the design you want from our range of spare tire covers, and order them before they run out.