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Red Get Off My Tail Jeep Car Spare Tire Cover Gift For Campers

Sale price$49.95
Size: 14 inch
Camera Hole Options: Without Camera Hole
Material: PVC Leather

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Display your passion and give your car a good looking with our custom tire cover! Our spare tire covers are printed properly with the sublimation printing techniques. 

PVC Leather vs Vinyl Leather
The Differences
Structure: PVC and Vinyl leather differ in their structures. Vinyl has more layers underneath its coating, making it tougher and more durable. PVC, on the other hand, has less layers, making it more pliable and flexible to work with. PVC can even wrinkle and stain like natural leather would while Vinyl can stand more extreme wear and weather condition.

Durability: Vinyl’s multi-layer structure and lack of pores, as compared to PVC leather, makes the material more durable than PVC leather. Utilising Vinyl leather could result in additional product lifetime as well.

Colors: PVC leather material is particularly effective in producing vibrant and realistic colors for products. On the other hand, due to the thicker nature of Vinyl leather, its colors often appear more subdued compared to PVC leather.

Price: The production cost of Vinyl leather is relatively higher than that of PVC leather.

In summary, if you want a product with vibrant and beautiful printed colors at a reasonable price, choose PVC leather. However, if you prioritize durability over cost considerations, then opt for Vinyl leather.

The colors in the mockup on the website will closely match when printed on PVC leather material. However, the colors may appear lighter when printed on Vinyl. Please refer to the actual photos below for a realistic representation.

Cover Size 14": tire diameter 60~69 cm/ 23"-27"
Cover Size 15": tire diameter 70~75 cm/ 27.5"-29.5"
Cover Size 16": tire diameter 76~79cm/ 30"-31"
Cover Size 17": tire diameter 80~83cm/ 31.5"-32.5"
Cover Size 18":
 tire diameter 84~86cm/ 33"-33.8"
Cover Size 19": tire diameter 87~89cm/ 34"-35"

How to calculate your tire diameter?
Step 1: Find Your Tire Parameter. It’s written on your tire side
Step 2: Calculate Your Tire Diameter
- If your tire is written with P225/65R17.
Tire diameter=22.5*0.65*2+17*2.54=72.43 cm
You need to buy the 15 inch.
- If your tire is written with P205/55R16.
Tire diameter=20.5*0.55*2+16*2.54 = 63.19 cm
You need to buy the 14 inch.

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